Trash Pickup Info

As you may be aware, July 1st Metro took over the former Old Hickory Utility District's properties and most services.  The one exception, since we are located in the General Services district of Davidson Co., Old Hickory residents will be responsible for contracting their own trash service.  OHUD paid for two additional months of service with our current provider that you will not be billed for (through Wed Aug 28th). Metro Water has sent an informational letter to all residents about water services and included info about Trash but gave the wrong date.  To clarify: you will need to contract your own trash service beginning the week of Sept 1st. Metro only provides trash service for the Urban Services districts, we are in General Services and pay a lower property tax. 

Click Here for a list of waste service companies and details. This list was compiled by calling each company and asking questions based on a single residence in Old Hickory Village. 

Water Info

The water we are currently receiving is exactly the same service as before, using the same OHUD facilities. In the distant future, Metro will discontinue the treatment plant but continue to use the water tower.  MW will record all meters toward the end of the month and bill soon after.  Depending on when your last reading from OHUD occurred, your bill received for July may include more than a month's worth.  If you had bank draft before, your next payment should automatically be withdrawn.  The rates for water are comparable to OHUD, view rates at will soon be converting all meter boxes to ones with a Radio signal. This enables them to simply drive by and pick up the reading via a signal and will not need to come on your property.  You will no longer receive a separate quarterly storm drain bill; it should instead be included in your regular Water bill.  Your new Water bill will not include the former itemized fees such as Lights, Recreation, Loss of Lakewood, and trash.

Parks Info

Metro Parks will continue to maintain all park facilities including the ballfields, art center, community center, and Rachel's Walk.  The grass cutting will be on rotation with the rest of park properties.  The community center will now be available for any Metro resident; there will no longer be a fee for non-village residents.  Reserving rooms or parks will continue as it has.  MP is reviewing how it will continue offering services, and what opportunities may be added (e.g. exercise classes, kid programs). No major changes will occur till Jan 1, 2014.  Any special events must request a permit through the Parks office

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After last year's flood, the library is putting on the final touches and has reopened.  The major flooding was due to the accessible ramps leading to the basement. This has been filled in and a stairwell will lead to the basement.  Since we do have the elevator, people with disabilities will still be able to access the basement from the inside. Main electrical panel will be replaced as well as all AC systems. The main floor will have new carpet and ovrall new layout. 

Old Hickory Library Story Times are Mondays from 10.   


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Mark Wills "Looking For America" Music Video filmed in the Village

On January 7, 2011, Mark Wills shot a video for "Looking For America". It was a cold day in Old Hickory, TN. Temps were in the 30's as the street scene was suppose to be in the summer, where people were freezing, but you couldn't tell it from the looks on their faces. The extras loved being in the video and being able to show what America means to them, as they held their American Flags high in the air, as they walked the streets in the video. Lyrics saying, "I'm looking for a factory where a man can feed his family, not worried about them moving it south, closing the doors and shutting it down tomorrow". These lyrics are all so real now days in the USA. Mark walks down the streets as people from the neighborhood join him in the streets walking down it with their American Flags held high.

Operation Troop Aid was on site to set up bins for people to fill up care packages for the troops. There were retired as well as currently serving Military men and women to help out with the care packages, as well as being in the video. Before the video shoot began, Mark was first in line to lead the lines of people through the process of putting one item from each bin in the bag and put it in a tote at the end of the table to be sent to Military men and women serving our country now.

Another scene was taken from a nearby church. Lyrics in the song, say that. "I'm looking for a church steeple where inside you will find people". Also, it says,"They ain't afraid to say God's name out loud". 

Jason Aldean "Dirt Road Anthem" music video features scenes in Old Hickory, TN

The music video for "Dirt Road Anthem", directed by Deaton-Flanigen Productions, premiered June 13, 2011 on CMT. The video was entirely shot in black-and-white, portraying Aldean driving a Ram truck through the countryside and stopping at a clearance where he reminisces of his teenage years of partying with friends around a campfire. The video for "Dirt Road Anthem" was filmed around Old Hickory, Tennessee (a suburb of Nashville). The twin bridges are crossing the Cumberland River, and the factory scene, railroad beds and small town were filmed around Rayon City.