Monthly Meetings


  • Every first Monday of the month (a week later if Holiday) HOHV meets at the Community Center at 7:00.  We discuss topics and plan events. There's a good chance a volunteer opportunity will be suggested.
  • The HOHV non-profit corporation is comprised of volunteers that serve as Board Members and/or Chairpersons.  If you are interested in a position, you must live in the Village boundaries and attend 2 out of 3 consecutive meetings. 
Neighborhood Watch
  • Neighbors are always encouraged a keep an eye out for any suspicious activity going on in the Village.  Call 862-8600 for any non-emergency concerns.  911 if a crime is in progress.
  • Patrols: click here to see a slideshow on Patrolling
  • Pick up trash along the street of a block in the Village.
  • Nominate an address for Yard Of The Month
  • Go to Rachel's Walk at Jones & 14th or the Triangles at Hadley & Robinson and help pull weeds, pick up trash, and rake mulch/leaves.  Email the beautification chairperson to let us know what you accomplished. We have supplies and yellow safety vests upon request.
  • Contact the Benevolence Chairperson for any current projects.
  • Volunteers are needed to help in the thrift store Monday - Friday, 10 AM - 1 PM, Tues - 4:30-6.  Please call or stop by to volunteer, 847-4996.
  • Change the letters on the Reader Board at the Village Entrance beside the ballfield.  Doing it consistently would be approximately a once-a-week effort to receive the information to post, take the box of letters, then open and change the text.  30 minutes to one hour total time. Contact the Media Chairperson if you are interested.  This is a very important job since many people depend on this sign for information.
  • We need someone to organize the Quarterly newsletter.  Some of the responsibilities which could be divided include writing the articles, gathering information and news, designing the newsletter, having it printed and distributed, contacting and gathering funds from advertisers.